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Paranormal Haven's Interview & Giveaway with Jessica Andersen

Paranormal Haven had an interview with one of my favorite authors, JESSICA ANDERSEN!!!

Here's how it went:(Jessica being the blue)

Hi Paranormal Haven-ers!
Thanks so much to Stephanie & Athenna for inviting me here to talk about the Nightkeepers, and to those of you who have stopped by to check out this interview!

(Thanks Jessica! Now onto the interview.....)

Can you please describe the series in your own words for those who haven't read or heard of it?

Absolutely! Here’s the setup:
Mayan lore and modern science warn that 12/21/2012 could bring a global cataclysm … a threat that is far more real than we imagine. Dark forces stand poised to overrun the earth and crush humanity beneath a vicious rule of terror and blood sacrifice. Our only hope rests with a group of saviors living in secret among us: modern magic-wielding warriors called the Nightkeepers.

Now, in the last few years before the 2012 doomsday, these magi must find and win their destined mates in order to protect the barrier of psi energy that forms humanity’s last line of defense against an ancient and powerful enemy.

There are three books out currently, Nightkeepers, Dawnkeepers, and Skykeepers, and the fourth book, Demonkeepers, will be in stores April 6!

Why write a series about the Mayan 2012 Doomsday?

I’m a huge fan of books and movies that have lots of action and romance in them, but are spiced up with interesting factoids that I didn’t already know (National Treasure, DaVinci Code, etc.).

The Nightkeepers are fighting the rise of ancient demons who were banished from the earth many millennia ago, using magic that was later woven into the ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations.

But at the same time, they’re people like you and me (with rocking bods and some cool talents), so they’re also dealing with the disconnect between modern life and some of the things the old prophecies require them to do in order to defend mankind against the 2012 doomsday.

For me, it’s really interesting to blend archaeology and 2012 cosmology into sexy urban fantasies. I’m writing the kind of books I love to read, but can’t always find on the shelves!

Who was the easiest character to write? The most difficult?

The two easiest characters for me to write have always been Lucius and Rabbit. Lucius is the geeky hunk (hunky geek?) who has mostly outgrown tripping over his own feet, but always falls back on his inner nerd when threatened. Or at least he used to. In Demonkeepers, an ancient spell helps him become the warrior he’s always wanted to be … but that comes at a price. Since I’m a foot-tripping-over geek myself, I totally relate to Lucius.

Rabbit, on the other hand, is a favorite of mine because he’s a walking example of Murphy’s law. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong if he’s involved. Since I feel like that most days, he’s got a special place in my heart. I also love that he’s got the guts to say things that I would think, but not say.

How many books do you plan to write for this series?

There will be nine full-length novels and one novella, with the whole series wrapping up (as you might imagine) at the end of 2012. So if you jump on board now, you can read almost to the halfway point, and then follow from there with a new book every six months or so!

Are there any secrets you can let slip from Demon Keepers?

Hmm… How about a blurb and a short excerpt??

Lucius is an Indiana Jones wannabe who never quite measures up until a twist of magic brings him powers beyond belief … and reunites him with Jade, the one-night stand he never forgot. Despite the sizzling chemistry between them—and the added power that comes with a love match—Jade is determined to prove that she can be a Nightkeeper warrior in her own right. But as the two race to rescue the sun god himself from the underworld, they learn that kicking ass isn’t enough. They’ll need all their brains and skill—and the love, long denied, that burns between them—to foil the dark lords’ plot.

Short excerpt:
It’s just Lucius, Jade told herself. Only it wasn’t. This was a new, different Lucius, one that had broken the rule that said people didn’t fundamentally change. And—oh, gods—she’d offered herself to him. In her rush to finally break free from her backup role, she’d thrown herself headlong at … what? What was he now?

“Not exactly what you were expecting when you volunteered for sex magic duty, was it?” he asked, his eyes going hooded in intimate challenge.

Heat touched the air between them, thickening her breath in her lungs.

“I …” She trailed off. What was wrong with her? Where had her words gone? She was the one with the answers, the one who didn’t get rattled. But right now her body was saying one thing, her spinning brain another, and her verbal skills were lost in the crossfire.

His not-quite-familiar mouth curved in a humorless smile. “That’s about what I figured. I wish they had warned you.”

“They tried. I wasn’t listening. But … you could’ve called me, or emailed.” She’d posted her contact info in the mansion’s kitchen, just in case. “I hate thinking of you going through all this alone.”

“I haven’t been in the mood for company.”

It was easier not to look at him as she said, “What are you in the mood for?”

“That, dear Jade, is entirely up to you.”

If you could collaborate with any author, who would you pick?

Snicker… My critique partner and I once tried to write a book together. Since I tend to write strong heroines and she’s the queen of alpha males, I took the heroine and she took the hero … and they hated each other. More importantly, they didn’t need anything from each other—their flaws weren’t compatible. We scrapped the project and went back to trading manuscripts.

However, I’m having a great time working with Gena Showalter, Deidre Knight and Shannon K. Butcher on a novella anthology that will be out next February. That kind of collaboration is more my speed!

Do you have a favorite book or series you would like to recommend?

Well, I have to say that Lover Mine by JR Ward (aka John Matthews and Xhex’s story) absolutely rocks. It’ll be out at the end of April, and she’ll be doing a virtual signing through the same store I am (

As for others, JD Robb is an autobuy for me, as are Lois McMaster Bujold (space operas and fantasies) and Linnea Sinclair (awesome sci-fi romance).

What do you have planned for the rest of 2010?

Writing and more writing! I’m currently outlining the sixth Nightkeeper novel (the fifth one is in production: Blood Spell will be an October 2010 release), and have the novella to write, along with a book for a 2011 Nocturne continuity series I’m doing with Gena, Jill Munroe and Nalini Singh. I’m having a great time with all of these projects!

And that’s it for me. Thanks again to the Paranormal Haven for letting me hang out, and to you for reading this interview! For more information on the books, check out

To pre-order an autographed copy of Demonkeepers, which will be mailed to you in its first week of release, please go to the Virtual Signing:

In addition, I’d like to give one lucky, randomly chosen poster an advance copy of Demonkeepers! To enter, please leave a comment, a question, or whatever comes to mind!


Now for the giveaway. All you have to do is comment on the post over at Paranormal Haven to be entered. The rest is EXTRA ENTRY points.

Ends March 18th

Click button above to recieve info on a VIRTUAL SIGNED Copy.




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Thanks for posting the interview! The whole button issue is also fixed and you will get the extra entries for trying to put it up because that was all my fault.

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