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Hi, my name is E.R. Faulkner. I'm an author who is just starting out. Unfortunately, my book is yet to be published since I'm still working on it. But I would love to hear everyone's opinion so far.

What Should I Do for Contests? Contest

First day of my fabolous contest ;D And the first contest is...... What Should I do for Contests.

Concept of the Contest:

What you, as the follower, is supposed to do is give me ideas for contests later on in this huge contest. AND the 5 people with the best idea, in my opinion, will get the most points.

-MUST be a follower, whether old or new
-MUST be from the USA or Canada
-NO more than one entry
-ONE idea per person

Now for the points you can win this round.....

200 points- For best idea
100 points- For being an older follower
50 points- For being a new follower
25 points- For blogging/tweeting/or whatever, about the contest
10 points- For putting your e-mail with your comment
5 points- For telling me your name and whether you live in the USA or Canada

CONTEST ENDS at midnight October 23rd (tomorrow)!!!

Alright, now you now the rules and how you can get points....... NOW GO MY FOLLOWERS AND FUTURE WOULD BE FOLLOWERS and find be the 5 best ideas for contests.




My Birthday is coming up 9 days!!! That's right NINE DAYS!!!!! And Halloween follows right afterwards. So in order to celebrate, especially since I haven't been doing anything here for the longest time is...... TO HAVE A CONTEST!!!!

I bet you're already wandering what I'm giving away, right? Well..... There will be 3 winners and one of the winners will get the grand prize. That means each winner gets to choose what book they (first come, first serve):

1st Place Winner: Gets 5 books
2nd Place Winner: Gets 4 books
3rd Place Winner: Gets 3 books

Here are the books I'm offering:
Top (Left to Right): Atlantis Betrayed by Alyssa Day; Storm of Visions by Christina Dodd; The Forbidden by L.A. Banks; A Chesapeake Shores Christmas by Sheryl Woods; Kiss by Ted Dekker & Erin Healy
Bottom (Left to Right): Tainted by Julie Kenner; Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon; Lucan by Susan Kearney; Jordan by Susan Kearney; Doomsday Can Wait by Lori Handeland; Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland
Check out these authors if you're not sure about the books

And the grand prize is........

SORRY!!!! I'm not telling you until the day I announce the winners ;D I know I'm evil but that's the point of Halloween.

Now for the contests..... There will be a contest almost every day up until Halloween night. Winners will be announced and notified November 1st.

Check back here everyday to see what the new contest is.

October 23rd:
October 24th:
October 25th:
October 26th:
October 27th:
October 29th:
October 30th:

Now for the rules....
- MUST be a follower in order to join. If you're a follower before today, you'll get a few extra points for being an older follower and if you join after today, you'll get less.
- MUST be from USA or Canada..... Sorry I can't afford anything else
- NO more than ONE submission for each contest



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