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Avatar: The Last Airbender Review

I know I haven't been posting anything for like a year, I'm really sorry. And what so you know, the first post I do is a review. Never done a review before, so please be kind to me. I hope you like my opinion, this means alot to me since I absolutely love Avatar(not the blue guys, the boy who can control all four elements). And here it is.... ;D

Okay, first of all... I'm really hating all the bad reviews of this movie. People obviously have no idea what they are talking about. I'm a HUGE fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender(the show), so it was only natural for me to see the movie. And when I saw it, I absolutely LOVED it. So here's my thoughts:

What I Loved: I loved almost the entire movie. I loved who they chose for the main character, Aang. Especially when it was said that the actor had even shaved his head and painted the arrow on his head just for the part. I also loved how they kept Sokka's hilarious personality, even though he didn't crack any of his stupid jokes. I also loved all the special effects, especially the ending of the last battle (won't say what, for those who haven't seen it yet). The special effects worked really well with the whole bending aspect of the movie.

What I Hated: I only had one major complaint and a few minor ones. My major complaint was the fact that the actos kept pronouncing names wrong. They kept saying Avatar wrong, I mean really... There's already a movie called Avatar and they even say it correctly. They also kept saying the main character Aang's name wrong, saying it with a "u" rather than an "a". And they also said Sokka's and Iroh's names wrong as well.

One of my minor complaints was that they kept skipping around with the scenes and adding scenes that weren't even from the show. I mean I understand that they couldn't put every scene from the first season in the movie but they still could have made it a little more coherent. And one of the scenes they added was with Lord Ozai talking with general Zhaoi. Especially the part where Ozai was saying how he didn't want his banished son from finding the Avatar. Ozai had never said such a thing on the show, even though he hated his son deeply. Another minor complaint was Aang's tattoes. I did like the three swirls that represented the Air nation but the rest of the tattoo should of been completely colored in like the really Aang from the show.

Suggestion for Future The Last Airbender movies: None really, except that they should keep the scenes a little closer to the show and coherent. Like with the Earth Benders, Katara likes one of them and in the movie, they make him alittle kid. Or with the Kiyoshi Warriors, apparently the director isn't even adding them into the movie because ther story is too complicated... Hello??? Sokka falls in love with on of them, how can you take that away from him?

And maybe even give a little more of background into Aang's life like they do on the show. I love to hear about Aang's life and his past lives as other benders.

Rating: 4 out 5

Conclusion: Simple, don't listen to anyone else's opinion except mine. This movie was absolutely awesome and if you're interested, you should go see it.

So what do are your opinions of the movie? What did you think of my review? Let me know my commenting.



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